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I think that I accomplish my goals through creating these blogs. The goal was to announce my thoughts about technology-based tools and culture-enriched programs. It was a new experience for me to create and be involved in a blog. I never understood the significance of it, but now I actually find it quite interesting and entertaining. I would have done my first post a little differently. I regret now not putting the logo of my "tool" that I was blogging about. These blog artifacts are important to my targeted career in teaching because it is always important to communicate ideas and new techniques as teachers. These resources are also too good to not share with other teachers.

July 9, 2009 Post:

Topic- on creative technology-based tools for teachers/students at K-12 Teacher Blogs
You can find my post about IXL at CDunn IXL Blog

July 13, 2009 Post:

Topic- A discussion on my Diversity Podcast at PodcastBlog

September 16, 2009 Post:

I found my new favorite instructional video!!