My First Podcast

This is my Diversity Podcast. It is an audio recording in which I discuss my thoughts on how to involve culture in the elementary classroom. I mention several ways to do so while introducing more technology.

In this podcast, I am trying to express how many ways technology can be included in the classroom, and how easily it should be done. I hope you enjoy it.

I feel like even I grew through this process while I put the thought into each of these techniques as I researched discussed them.

There are a few things that I feel I could have done differently. After the fact, I do not like my sound effects. Also, I think that as I discussed each idea I should have listen several examples instead of only explaning what the technology was.

Nonetheless, I am happy with my results of this podcast. It is my very first published podcast, and I feel that this artifact is important to my career in teaching. This will be the first of many podcasts that can be created in the sake of education.
Please go to my Blog post to let me know what you think about this podcast.