Lesson Analysis & Assessment

PART 1: Lesson Analysis

Content Area/Topic: Life Science- Using Internet & Computer Software

Title of Lesson: "My First Slide Show"

Intended Audience: Second Grade

My GPS for which I would adapt this lesson: S2L1. Students will investigate the life cycles of different living organisms. (a). Determine the Sequence of the life cycle of a common animal in your area.

The lesson...


Your Review Comments

Works toward appropriate goals.
  • Content and technology standards are mentioned.
  • Standards seem appropriate to grade level and content area.
  • Objectives align with standards.
  • Tasks focus clearly on obtaining the objectives.
I think that students working toward completing a Power-point presentation is an appropriate goals for second graders.
Requiring students to include specific information concerning their animal aligns with the standards appropriately.
Requires the use of higher order thinking skills and "new" literacies.
  • Students are asked to do more than memorize or understand.
  • Media, visual, communicative, technological, mathematical, and/or other nontraditional literacies are addressed.
The Power-point software will probably be a "new" program for some students, and the information that is needed to build the presentation will require higher-level thinking. Also, the students will be needing to use the internet as a resource to help them gather information on their topic.
Integrates the learning goals.
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Content
  • Problem-solving
  • Inquiry/research
I think students should be able to complete this project with a partner, and this will develop communication skills. The entire process will require students to use their production and creativity to present the information in a unique fashion. The content should be monitored, and should be appropriate for the Georgia Performance standard requirements.
Includes a variety of resources.
  • Students have choices of materials at different levels.
  • Materials are available in a variety of modes (e.g., graphics, sound, text, video) and media (e.g., books, films, photos, computer).
Students will have a choice on an animal from our area in the United States to research. There are several materials that can be added in their Power-point presentation for a better presentation of the scientific content, such as adding videos, images, and other media found on the internet.
Engages all students actively in authentic tasks.
  • Students have roles/tasks to perform throughout the lesson.
  • Connections are made between the task and real life.
  • Students must actively search for answers to essential questions.
All the students will be engaged in the making of their "First Slide Show" with their partners. Students will be involved in searching for material concerning their chosen animal from different sources. Connections can be made between this task and read life situation taks by the technology used in their "Slide Show". Students will be aware of the different uses of these kinds of slide shows in the business world.
Uses technology effectively, efficiently, and as a learning tool.
  • The technology makes the task more authentic.
  • The technology makes the task easier to accomplish.
  • The technology helps the students learn faster than without it.
  • The technology is secondary to the content and goals.
Students realize that their techonology advances throughout the presentation are not as important as the content required for the assignment.
Addresses the needs of a variety of students, including ELLs (English Language Learners) and students with physical or other challenges.
  • All students can access task instructions.
  • All students can access task materials and resources.
  • Students have different ways to accomplish the same objectives.
Students will address the goals of the assignment by following the steps provided in the lesson and will be guided through the steps according to their needs and progress. The assignment will take as long as neccessary for students to all move at their own pace and still complete the assignment. All students will be able to access the same materials and resources via the internet.
Includes appropriate assessments.
  • Assessment is aligned to the standards and objectives.
  • Assessments are fair for all students and not based on one ability (e.g., writing).
  • Assessments allow students to show what they know/can do rather than what they cannot.
Students can be assessed via a point style rubric for the content and appropriate materials used on their slide show. Students will be aware that their power-point presentation should reach the goals required from the Georgia Performance Standards.

Give a summary of the strengths (2+), weaknesses (2+), and the changes (2+) you would make to tailor this to your class.

Strengths: I feel that this lesson has a great general theme for a Standard based lesson involving technology. I think that it is a very strong lesson and has great ideas for teachers to allow students to make these projects their own.

Weaknesses: The only weakness I found was that the lesson itself only linked to a NETS standard and not a GPS standard. I had to match this lesson with an animal life science content standard myself. Also, I didn't like that the original lesson plan did not provide examples or ideas for the students to go by. The teach should provide these.

Changes: Changes to be made might be the software that the lesson itself suggested using, I think that Microsoft Power-point programs are more adequate. Also, I'd allow students to choose their animal for this project. I'd add examples and ideas for the students to go with.

PART 2: Assessment

Assessment #1
Assessment Method
When Used
Instrument (include written, attached, or hyperlinked on this page)
Point-style Rubric
Allow students to know what is expected of them in this project, and know how many quality points are earned for each requirement.
It will be given to the students before the begin their assignment, and the same copy will be given back to them graded so that they will see their points and where they made mistakes.
Written/Print Rubric