Lesson 1:

Science Lesson Titled: "My First Slide Show" from The Lesson Plans Page
This lesson's purpose is to introduce and help students become comfortable with technologies while incorporating standard base subject materials.
I feel that this lesson is a work in progress, but is still useful. This lesson can be extended or adapted for older students or students with special needs.
There are a few things that I would have done differently. I'd make changes with the software that the lesson itself suggested using, I think that Microsoft Power-point programs are more adequate. Also, I'd allow students to choose their animal for this project. I'd add examples and ideas for the students to go with.
This lesson is targeted to my chosen career in teaching very specifically. I think that as a teacher I will strive to intergrate technology in my classroom, and I feel that the age level of this lesson is appropriate to my field.

Lesson Analysis & Assessment