Lesson 2

Windows Movie Maker Video Lesson

I feel like I accomplish my assignment by taking a technology-enriched skill and combining it with a real-life standard based lesson. I believe that I did so successfully.

One thing that I learned from the experience of creating this lesson and model is that there are so many subjects and so many ways to use a movie program. I had a difficult time coming up with ideas for the lesson, but I am happy with my final project.
Something that I would have done differently, is my voice-over added. I should record a much louder and more enthusiastic reading.
This artifact is appropriate and important to my targeted career in education because it is a new and different approach to teaching science content.

Activity Title
My First Movie My Example Movie
Curriculum Area
Science and Higher-level integrated technology
Grade Level
GPS Content Standard
S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of organisms on their habitat.
a. Differentiate between habitats of Georgia (mountains, marsh/swamp, coast, Piedmont, Atlantic Ocean) and the organisms that live there.
Objective of Activity
Students will compile a video showing their comprehension after the science unit on habitats in the different regions in Georgia.
Materials Needed
Classroom set of: Student Checklist Sheet (attached)
Fair Use & Copy Rights
Rubric Point Sheet (attached)
Student-friendly computers
Windows Movie Maker program
Projection System

Teacher Directions
Give out materials, discuss checklist and rubric.
Show example video—tell students to be looking at their checklist as they watch (maybe show video twice).
Discuss ideas for students to use in creating their own video from content subject matter already studied.
Explain expectations and discuss rubric and checklist.
Show Movie maker program to students, show features and answer all questions.

Project will be graded on point system with rubric 20 points=100.

*Adaptation will be made for students requiring certain help and partnership throughout the project.

Student Directions
Extensions can be made for students to share their finished videos with the class.

*Give students as long as needed, two to three days, to work on getting their videos completed.

Lesson 2 Answer Sheet