Lesson 3

Title: "The Underground Railroad"
Description: This is a great web-quest lesson where students explore in a safe online enviroment while learning about the Underground Railroad and characters like Harriet Tubman

Underground RR Web-quest

**Lesson Analysis for Special Needs**




This is a standard lesson that has been adapted for a special scenario for "Beth". There are special adaptations for our students in the classroom for those with special needs. This particular students needs and IEP meeting in her favor to get some sort electronic voice converter to transmitt her speech into text. If this is not possible, Beth could possibly submit her assignments with a tap recorder.

This lesson can be an accomplish center activity for students working on the computers. You can also extend the activity for an entire collaborated social studies lesson.
This lesson is a work in progress, but I feel that it will be very effective. Students can build on their knowledge about the Underground Railroad by the oral presentation as well.
There is something I would do differently. If had the time, I would like to have created a whole web-quest myself. This one that I found at an on-line resource will work just as good, though.
I feel that this artifact is important to my targeted career in teaching because it is a practical and reliable lesson resource that I can use in my future classroom.