Evaluation Rubrics for Elementary Power Point Presentations

Rubric for Peer Evaluation (5 points possible)
Your final points for this portion of your evaluation will be the average rating from everyone who hears your presentation divided by 3.
Performance Criteria
3 Points
2 Points
1 Point
0 points
Presentation was "ready to go" when it was this student's turn.
Presentation was "almost ready to go". We had to wait for this student to copy the presentation on to the desktop.
The student ran the presentation off her/his disk
The student did not have the presentation completely ready and was finalizing some things as class began and/or while other students were presenting.

Information was presented in a logical, interesting sequence that was easy to follow
Information was somewhat difficult to follow because student tended to "jump around" from topic to topic
There did not appear to be any sequence nor order to the information presented.
Technical Specifications

Show contained between 5-10 slides
Show contained <5 or >10 slides

Show contained an original graphic that was created by the student
No original graphic was included.

Every slide contained a slide transition
Slide transitions were not used for 1-2 slides
Slide transitions were not used for more than 2 slides

Demonstrated an outstanding effort presenting the information through creative use of graphics and text
Showed good effort in the presentation, however graphics and text reflect only an "average" effort
Showed little effort in the presentation. Graphics and text appear to be "thrown together at the last minute"
Use of technology

Did not apologize before, during or after the presentation for "not being very good with computers" or "not being very interesting"
Apologized before, during or after the presentation for "not being very good with computers" or "not being very interesting"
Overall Presentation
An outstanding presentation. The presentation kept my interest and was among the very best in class.
A good presentation. The presenter demonstrated the ability to utilize the various features of the program, however, the presentation did not always keep my interest
The presenter did not seem comfortable with the program and needed a lot of outside assistance in getting through the presentation.
The presenter displayed little knowledge and understanding of the components of assignment, software, computers, etc.